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Thinking of taking up golf, improving your game, encouraging a family member to start or have a question about your equipment?

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You can set up a time to get your questions answered and learn about his lesson programs and services. His knowledge and personal approach will enable you to achieve your goals. Trevor asks his students “what do you want”. Often this amazes them and they are a little puzzled. Once he explains that he needs to know what their goals are they start to understand. One student may want to keep up with their playing partner(s), another may want to get to single digits or some just want to start playing the game of golf. Whatever the reason Trevor personalizes a program to suit each individual.

Golf Lessons & Packages

Private Lesson  $115
(45 minutes)

Golf Lesson Packages

4 private golf lessons $440
8 private golf lessons $840
12 private golf lessons $1200

Playing Lessons (1½ hours)

One student $250
Two students (each) $150

Private golf lessons can be scheduled 7 days a week by appointment.

Performance Coaching

Please call for more information.

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